Kundenbewertungen bieten den Fahrschülern auf der Suche nach der für sie passende Fahrschule viele Vorteile. Fahrschüler haben die Möglichkeit, Vertrauen in die Fahrschule oder die Dienstleistung aufzubauen. Bewertungen geben ihnen Orientierung und führen sie zu dem für sie geeignete Fahrschule. Das ist der Grund weshalb wir unsere Fahrschüler für eine offene und ehrliche Meinung belohnen.

"A very great driving instructor with a lot of patience. It is fun to drive with him and would recommend him anytime"
Pia Lindermeir
"A great driving school you are totally taken and you are helped to understand everyone. The theory lessons flew by in the entertainment class. But the driving lessons were always really funny and you learn very quickly thanks to the good management. I can absolutely recommend the driving school to anyone who wants a driver's license quickly and safely and then wants to feel safe on the beach!"
Lena-Marie Schachtl
"I liked going to the driving lesson. There was always a pleasant atmosphere and competent lessons with helpful tips. Communication is very straightforward. I have only had good experiences with the Drive Academy and felt that I was in very good hands. Daniel is a cool driving instructor, has a lot of patience and prepares you really well. This driving school is only recommended. Thank you very much!"
Luisa Fehle
"Thank you for everything. Daniel is the best driving instructor. He explains everything with so much patience and calm. Driving with him was a lot of fun. I can only recommend it to everyone. You are the best. Thanks very much"
Marius Vezeteu
"I can really recommend the driving school. Anyone who is unsure is in good hands with Daniel and his team. He takes his time, explains everything calmly and there is also plenty of fun. Had a good time "
Julischka 0811
"I've said to Daniel since the beginning: if I get my driver's license, you'll be the best driving instructor. And that's exactly how it happened. I passed the exam. Daniel was so patient with me and explained everything calmly. A big and heartfelt thank you. I can only recommend it."
Lacramioara Vezeteu
"Super driving school! Very friendly, motivating driving instructor and nice team!"
Inge R.
"Hi super driving school very nice and dear team was fun to get my driver's license there would do it again and again"
Claudia Ulbricht
"A fantastic driving school. After my first visit and a very detailed conversation with Petra in the office, I had a very good impression of completing my driving lessons here. The time was really taken here to answer all questions and concerns beforehand. Thanks for that ! Driving instructor Daniel and his older colleague really do a great job. In theory and practical lessons, everything is explained in a targeted manner so that you are perfectly prepared for the exam and the road. I had a lot of great driving lessons and a lot of fun with the two "
Daniel RaceCorner
"It's always been fun to drive! Great driving school and great driving instructor"
Hannah Patrick